Welcome to kennel of Australian shepherds....

Who we are?

First time I saw aussie was in 2002 during my stay in USA and I fell in love…I picked up all informations I could get and was ready for an aussie girl. My dream came true after 7 years with Amy. She perfectly fulfill my expectation about great familly dog with strong temperament, still easy going, always ready to play and work. Later we became co-owners of Monty (Almond Joy Caniterra) and from second litter little devil with angel eyes Hetty stayed at home.

I would also like to mention our little norfolk terrier Kaja. She supposed to be show dog and we also hoped for puppies. But sometimes life changing….due to her bad bite we stopped showing her, she was also neutered. We both fell in love with agility and she even became racing. Lots of bad health problems occured later, so now I am happy that she was never bred. She is retired now and her optimism makes us happy as she always is.

We are small kennel, plan puppies only ocassionally. Our dogs lives with us, travel with us to holidays. As we think that Australian shepherds needs to engage the body and mind, we do obedience, herding, a bit of dogfrisbee and ocassionally dogdancing for fun.



17.6.2017 Speciality show of KCHMPP Mladá Boleslav (judge: Branko Milenkovič, SRE)
BACK IN BLACK "Hetty" Caniterra - excellent 1st, CAC and fulfilled conditions to become JUNIOR CHAMPION CZ!!!! (intermediate class)
BEING BORN IN "Bee" Caniterra - excellent 4th (intermediate class)
AMY BUTTERFLY Carcassonne Tolugo - excellent 1st, Best of veteran (veteran class)

15.7.2017 National dog show Mladá Boleslav (judge: Hans Erik Pedersen, DK)
BEING BORN IN "Bee" Caniterra - excellent 3rd (intermediate class)
BACK IN BLACK "Hetty" Caniterra - excellent 4th (intermediate class)
AMY BUTTERFLY Carcassonne Tolugo - excellent 1st, Best of veteran (veteran class)

Hetty and I passed first two obedience exams during one week. This girl make me really proud.

24.6. 2017 Oldřichov (Forpes)
ZZO - judge jiří Čákora, 56/60 points

29.6. 2017 Oldřichov (Forpes)
ZOP - judge Jan Plšek, 88/100 points


And the sadest news at the end.....in age of 10,5 years forever left us our smallest girl with big hearth. She loves everybody and I dare to say that everybody loves her. She really knew how to enjoy life and I hope that she does the same behind the rainbow bridge.... She will be never forgotten. Thank you for everything our little monkey, we miss you so much :-(....

New photos

BACK IN BLACK Caniterra - 19 months
AMY BUTTERFLY Carcassonne Tolugo - 8 years



At the end of March was Hetty x-rayed by MVDr Vomáčka in Litoměřicích and results could not be better!
HD A, ED 0, OCD clear, spondylosis negative. We are very proud and happy!

Show results

Hetty was shown several times in young class this year. She got one very good, than was always excelent, twice even excellent second and at the end of her young show carrer she got CAJC. More you can see here.

Amy has become veteran, as she is 8 years old already! We hope she will stay healthy as long as possible. She is our sweethearth and best nanny for children, rabbits and mainly lambs.

New photos

BACK IN BLACK Caniterra - 17 months
BORN TO BE WILD Caniterra - 17 months


PF 2017

Four years ago the first litter was born in our kennel from connection Amy x Denny. Today, some of them has obedience and endurance exams, two boys were shown several times with nice results (Monty CAC, res. CAC, Jack Best puppy, 2x Ex3, Ex4 ), Absi, Thierry, Jack and Monty (non-official) are x-rayed with perfect resuls: HD A, ED normal. But mostly they are best family members.


Show results
28. - 29.11.2016 International dog show Zagreb (HR)
BEING BORN IN "Bee" Caniterra - excelent 4 and excelent 1, CAJC, Junior Winner (young class) in very strong class!

28.11.2016 National dog show Zakrzow (PL)
BACK IN BLACK "Hetty" Caniterra - excelent 1, CAJC, BOJ (young class)

Litter B has one year! Happy Birthday Becky, Bee, Hetty, Sara and Scotty and R.I.P. our beloved Albi!

New photos



Our smallest, but sure only by size, QÁJA JÁJA Danja "Kája", celebrated 10 years already. Hope she will stay as healthy as she can be and still so funny and always happy as she is from puppy age.



Hetty was tested to hereditary eyes diseases and MDR1 gene. Results are here.

Show reulst

DUO CACIB Praha - 29.10.2016 (judge Hana Pisarčíková, CZ)
BEING BORN IN "Bee" Caniterra - very good (junior class)

DUO CACIB Praha - 30.10.2016 (judge Ladislav Kukla, CZ)
BEING BORN IN "Bee" Caniterra - excelent 4 (junior class)


Some updates, after a long time. It is mainly about smart Bee with her owner Hanka and theirs show results. Hetty also visited several shows and she also was quite succesfull. On club show in Horka nad Moravou we met our favourite boy from A litter Jack with all his family. He got Excellent 4th in open class from competitions of 7 other males.

At the end of September we had visitors. Becky, who lives quite far away from us. We went for a trip and dogs (people too of course) had fun, after a long time they did not see each other.

8.10. Amy passed already 9th exam, ZZO1 (obedience).

Show results

28. – 31.7.2016 Summer Night Shows Split
BEING BORN IN "Bee" Caniterra - 4x very promising 1 (puppy class)

13.8.2016 - IDS Mladá Boleslav (judge Tibor Havelka)
BEING BORN IN "Bee" Caniterra - very promising 1 (puppy class)

24.9.2016 - NDS Brno (judge Ing. Jaroslav Matyáš)
BEING BORN IN "Bee" Caniterra - excelent 2 (junior class)

1.10.2016 - Regional dog show Džbán - Prague
BEING BORN IN "Bee" Caniterra - excelent 1, Junior class winner, Best Young female 3rd place

17.10.2016 - Club show KCHBO Horka nad Moravou (judge Anna-Lena Munkvall)
APPLEJACK "Jack" Caniterra - excelent 4 (open class)
BACK IN BLACK "Hetty" Caniterra - excelent 3 (junior class)
AMY BUTTERFLY Carcassonne Tolugo - very good (open class)

8.10.2016 - IDS České Budějovice (judge Alexandra Grygarová)
BACK IN BLACK "Hetty" Caniterra - excelent 1, CAJC, Crufts qualification in junior class
BEING BORN IN "Bee" Caniterra - excelent 2 (junior class)

15.10.2016 - Club show KCHMPP Mladá Boleslav (judge Adriana Todorovič)
BACK IN BLACK "Hetty" Caniterra - excelent 3 (junior class)
BEING BORN IN "Bee" Caniterra - very good (junior class)

16.10.2016 - NDS Jelenia Gora PL (judge Iuza Beradze)
BACK IN BLACK "Hetty" Caniterra - excelent 1, CAJC, BOJ (junior class)

Nové fotky



Show results

National dog show Mladá Boleslav - 16.7. 2016 (judge Hana Pisarčíková)
BEING BORN IN "Bee" Caniterra - very promising 3 (puppy class)
BACK IN BLACK "Hetty" Caniterra - very promising 4 (puppy class)

New photos



New member of Caniterra :-)

The biggest news from the last time: our son Ondrej was born in May, 26th 2016 :-).

Show and work results

Something is still happening in dogs word, so here are show results of „our little Amy“ and exams of our boys from litter A.

BEING BORN IN "Bee" Caniterra
Regional dog show Staňkov 8.5. 2016 (puppy class): VP1, Winner of the puppy class
Regional show in Plzen 21.5. 2016 (puppy class): VP1, Winner of the puppy class, Best puppy of show – 2nd place
Regional dog show Rokycany 4.6. 2016 (puppy class): VP1

ACID SUGAR "Thierry" Caniterra has first agility exam, which is needed for the next level. Well done!

APPLEJACK "Jack" Caniterra passed obedience exam ZPU 1 with excellent mark.

Congratulations to all of our puppy buyers and thank you a lot for everything you do for your pets. You are great!


Krušnohorský dogtrekking 2015 - kids cathegory
As the last three years, we went with girls to he Krusne hory mountains dogtrekking. More about it in Events.

Club show for Australian and Belgian Shepherds – 17.4. 2016 (judge Mario Gil de Biedma Riviere – ESP)

Hetty`s show premiere could not be better. Our little girl with great handler Lucie Gogolova did really good job and became Best puppy on Club show under judge from Spain. We are so proud!

BACK IN BLACK - very promising 1, Best puppy (puppy class)


New photos

Puppies grew up a bit, so here are some new pictures.

QÁJA JÁJA Danja - 9 years


New photos

Puppies are already in new homes and we started receive first pictures and info how they are doing.



Last available female

We still have available show/breeding or performance prospect black tri girl Bee. More info on her paige or by email.


Puppies have their eyes check today and they all are clear!


Group photos from 7 weeks + new individual photos.



New pictures from the age of 5 weeks. Each puppy has its individual page. Last female for sale - do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in her.

Birthday of A litter

02.01.2016 it was already three years when our first litter was born. We wish lots of health, many dog`s friends and also many kilometers in paws to all.



New pictures from the age of 3 weeks. Some puppies are still available. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us.


Puppies are here!

On the first Advent Amy gave us 5 girls (2 blue merle and 3 black tricolor) and one blue merle boy. They all doing well.
First photos of them here.


Plánned "B" litter

Amy`s pregnancy was confirmed and at the beginning of December we are looking forward to puppies!!!
More info about litter here.


Speciality club show for Australian Shepherds, 28.09.2015 (judge: Claudi Bosselmann, DE)

Monty (Almond Joy Caniterra) - excellent 3/7 (open class)

Child and dog:

1st place – Julie and DIVE Medvědí Tlapa (Dive)

2nd place – Eliška and Moon Shine Blue HIGH MAINTENANCE (Puppy)

Very happy for Monty`s placement, but much more for our girls, who did very well in „Child and dog“ competition.
It was amazing to see them work together with borrowed dogs.

17.10.2015 Obedience exam ZOP
I am so proud of our offspring Jack (Applejack Caniterra) and hiw owner Radana Vaňkoa, who passed exam ZOP for points (from 100)!

24.10.2015 Other obedience exam for Max!
Other smart boy from our kennel passed his 4th obedience exam ZZO1- Max (Amaretto Caniterra). Thank you so much Lenka!


CACIB Mladá Boleslav, 29.08.2015 (judge: Péter Harsányi - Hungary)

Almond Joy Caniterra - very good (open class)

13.09.2015 - Amy a Monty passed eyes check - both are clear!

We participated on a very funny race for dogs and theirs owners in ZKO Duchcov. I was a helper, girls raced. They all did very well, mainly in jumping „section“. . More on Events.


Unfortunatelly, Amy is not pregnant. We thinking about use Tyson this autumn or next spring, but our plans can changed.

Recent show results for our offsprings:

IDS Litoměřice - 23.05.2015 (judge: András Korózs - Hungary)
Almond Joy Caniterra - excellent 3/4 (open class)

Club show KCHBO Mladá Boleslav - 30.5. 2015 (judge: Urszula Charytonik - Poland)
Apple Jack Caniterra - velmi dobrý 4/5 (open class)

Club show KCHBO Mladá Boleslav - 31.5. 2015 (judge: Martijn van Vliet - NL)
Almond Joy Caniterra - excellent 2, res. CAC/4 (open class)
Apple Jack Caniterra - excellent 3/4 (open class)

New photos:
Amy - 6 years (herding ducks)
Aqua Dulce - 2,5 years
Almond Joy - 2,5 years (from show + portraits)
Apple Jack - 2,5 years (from show)


17. a 18. 5. 2015 So happy for "our puppies" from A litter and their owners!
Max (Amaretto Caniterra) passed his third exam on Saturday - BH.
His brother Monty (Almond Joy Caniterra) and sister Annie (Aqua Dulce Caniterra) added today tests of endurance - AD.
Congrats to all! So proud of you!


At Saturday 26.04.2015 became Applejack Caniterra stud dog (still need eyes check) and passed mental test on 95 p. from 100 p. with untraditional fetch.

26.04.2015 Krušnohorský dogtrekking 2015 - kids cathegory
As the last year, we went with girls and dogs to dogtrekking. As the last year, we had really fun. We also met Absinthe from the first litter and his owner Hanka, who went 40 km hike. We are very proud of them! More in Events.


New photos: Aqua Dulce - 2 years


Some pictures from New Year walk with our friends on section Events.

Added some photos of our Amy and Kája from this trip.

Winter greetings from Jack´s (Applejack) owners. He loves snow!


Happy second birthday to our first litter “A”!


Planned puppies

Amy is on season, but due to dog`s cough we will not breed her this time.

Some photos from walk with our Annie (Aqua Dulce) in section Events.


25.10. 2014 - Max (Amaretto) passed his second obedience exam with excellent result!

25.10. 2014 - Speciality show for Australian and Belgian Shepherds Bochovice - Jack (Applejack) was excellent 4th in intermediatte class. Congrats and many thanks to the owners!


While I fulfilled my dream and after 12 years I went again to the east coast of United States to see my old friends, meet some new and travel a bit, Amy had vacation with my friend Marketa. She took her to agility race and also to the vet clinic in Brno to test her for PHA – with result NEGATIVE, jupiii. Thank you very much for your help Marketa!!!

Amy, Rafa and Marketa also went to dogtrekking race (they walked 45 km for 6 hours and 23 min) and they were third! This dogtrekking was also the first race for Amy`s son Absinthe. We are very happy that they like this dogsport as we do.

Monty (Almond Joy) and his owner Adela passed theirs first exam – The Test of canistherapeutic dog. Congratulations!

New photos: Absinthe - 1 + 3/4 years


National dog show Brno, 27.9. 2014

Judge: Petr Řehánek, CZ

Applejack - excellent 3rd (intermediate class)

Almond Joy - excellent 1st, CAC (open class)


BH - 21.09.2014, ZKO Litoměřice

We have passed other obedience exam with Amy - BH (according to IPO).

Judge: Břetislav Ťujík

Score: 53 points


We spent nice week on dog´s camp - Mišmaš 2014. More about it and photos on Events.

New photos: Aqua Dulce - 18 months.

We took Monty to the lake and for a walk, so he has finally actual photos: Almond Joy - 18 months.

Next photos from Markéta Procházková here.

Next photos from swimming here.


3rd male from our A litter - Applejack has great results of dysplasy - HD AA, ED 00.
We are very happy and congrats and thanks the owners!

And new photos: Acid Sugar - 17 months.


We had working weekend! More on Events.


Last weekend we spent on Clubshow of KCHBO in Mladá Boleslav. More about it in Events.

Amy celebrated 5th birthday! We wish to all her sisters and brothers good health and lots of fun!


In Events some new photos from dogtrekking.


Next great results of dysplasy for: Absinthe - HD AA, ED 00.
We are very happy and congrats and thanks the owners!

And new photos: Absinthe and Amaretto - 15 months.


Some new photos of our girls: Amy - 4,5 years, Kája - 7 years.


Max (Amaretto Caniterra) - here a bit of obedience.


Great news! First results of dysplasy for Thierry (Acid Sugar) from our first litter: HD AA, ED 00.
We are very happy and congrats and thanks the owners!

New photos: Applejack - 13 months.


Happy Birthday to our puppies from „A“ litter (Amy x Denny). And many thanks to owners for their love and care.


Happy New year to all our friends!


We tried coursing in October and Amy was on agility racing. More on Events.

New photos of Absinthe, Acid Sugar and Amaretto - 10 months.


More about our dogfrisbee weekend and meeting of A-litter Caniterra on Events.


New pictures of Amy.


About our holiday activities on Events.

For a while, Monty settled us again during this summer Like his siblings he loves water (he is a little bit more „duck“ than his mother). On Sunday we visited Annie and her Family.We have walked about 9 km in a great landscape of Bohemian Switzerland. And because I chose the hottest day of the year, we must stop on the way at the pond.

After a long time, we also saw Jack. He grows from a handsome dog and is always handy as well.

Max unfortunatelly lives pretty far away from us, so I was very pleased with nice pictures of him.

I am very excited from all of our puppies. Thank to the owners for a great job they do with them!

And we added two photos of our little Kája.


We had a successful weekend in Mladá Boleslav. More on Events
Added some photos of Amy and Monty on their pages.


We have got some pictures of Annie. As the rest of our puppies, she loves children. She is very active and love any action. Her family have lots of fun with her :-). Also from Jack`s owners goes some positive messages and I am very happy.


Our Amy attended agility race on weekend. More on Events.


Results of our boys and some pictures from Saturday´s CACIB Show in Prague on Events.


Last week we visited our Monty. Both boys were excited from this meeting. Added some photos of Monty and Jack.
We received some new photos of Absinthe.


We were on Dogtrekking Krušné hory mountain 2013 with Amy on Saturday. More on Events.


Added some new photos of our Amy and Jack from Tuesday´s rescue training. More on Events.


New photos
Aktual photos of Jack, who is still looking for a new home and his littermates Absinthe, Thierry, Max and Annie from the age of 3 months.


Last lovely male available !!!
3 months old black tri boy available! Show performance or just companion prospect for active people. Jack is used to kids and home animals including sheep. He is well socialized, very active and seeks contact with me and strangers too. We started with clicker training and he loves it! More infos about his parents here and siblings here.
Added new photos of Jack from the age of 11 weeks.


On Monday, another boy left us – Almond Joy (Monty). He is co-owned by young couple and will live in a company
of other dogs and horses.

New photos
We received new photos of Amaretto (Max) and Aqua Dulce (Annie) from their new homes.


Added new photos of our two boys at the age of 10 weeks.

After birth pups Amy is slowly returning to fitness and training for dogtrekking. During this week we passed about 80 km. Some photos on Events.


Less and less dogs in our house… First Thierry (Acid Sugar) left us, than Absinthe and this weekend small Annie (Aqua Dulce) and Max (Amaretto) went to thein new homes. I started to use clicker to the remaining boys. They both are very skilled and enthusiatic. Monty (Almond Joy) loves to play with tennis ball, Jack (Applejack) prefere paging, but like both. He still wants to be with me in touch and I`m starting to get used to him dangerously.

Great news arrived yesterday from Prague. Absi and Thierry met in a park (thanks to their owners of course) and had a wonderful time together. Must be carried home after thein games.


Added photos at the age of 8 weeks. Group photos from walks on Puppies and some portraits of each puppy
on their individual pages.

Some puppies are leaving into new homes, two beuatiful boys Applejack and Almond Joy are still looking
for a new owners or co-owners.


Puppies are 7 weeks old. New group photos on Puppies again and portraits + photos from snow on their individual pages.

Last two boys available - ALMOND JOY + APPLEJACK
Last two boys with show and performance prospect still available. They have full dention, scissors bite,
are very active, well socialized, love dragging. .

New photo of Amy
Added one snow picture of Amy.

New video of puppies from the age of 7 weeks.


Puppies are 6 weeks old yet. Group photos on Puppies and their portraits on individual pages.


Health of pupies
All puppies have eyes clear. Their hearts were also checked by a vet with results – all are health. We are so happy!


Adedd photos of puppies at the age of 5 weeks. Group photos are on Puppies again and portraits of each of them
on individual pages.There are still 3 black tricolor males available.


Puppies are 1 month old yet. New photos on Puppies (group photos)
and on their individual pages.

More photos of our A-litter you find on photo album Picassa.

We have new video of puppies from the age of 1 month.


On Saturday we took some pictures again and puppies got their first meat. The biggest eater was little Aqua Dulce and Absinthe.
Puppies are 24 days old yet and new photos of them you find on Puppies (group photos) and on their individual pages.

We added video of the first puppy games.


Puppies are 17 days old. They grow very well and they have allredy open eyes.
New photos on Puppies (group photos) and on their individual pages.


Puppies are 1 week old. You find new photos of them on Puppies and on their individual pages


Puppies have names yet and their individual pages. More on Litters.


Puppies are here !!!
Finally we have puppies! The first litter in our kennel was born yesterday. We have one red tri girl, 4 red tri boys
and one blue merle boy. They all doing well!
We accepting reservations for puppies. More info about parents and first photos of puppies here: Puppies.


We have confirmed pregnancy of Amy !!!
You can find more about our planned litter on Puppies.

Look at new video of Amy.


17.11.2012 Kaja celebrated her 6th birthday! She can’t run agility due to her back problems (I still can’t forgive a memorial), but she enjoys walking, our attention and sweet idleness.


We have mated !!!
We mated our Amy by very nice and promising young male DALI´S DELUXE BLUE Carcassonne Tolugo last week.
More about this planned litter you can find on Puppies.


We were on the weekend course of positive motivation with Pavla Klučkova. More in Events.

New link: Ajka and Rafael - ausie Rafa and retriever Ajka of my friend Markéta


So Amy and I, we have passed other exam – test of endurance. More in Events.


We have some nice photos of Kája from walk to Adolfov.


On Sunday 14.10.2012, we passed character test of KCHBO with Amy. More in Events.


Last Sunday 07.10.2012 we arranged (not only) "australian" walk in Zabrušany near Teplice. We had 7 aussies, labrador Ajka and our norfolk terrier Kaja. More in Events.


Added some new summer photos to Amy´s photogalery.


For a few days in August we have an aussie puppy. More in Events.

We added new photo of Kája to her photogalery.


On Saturday 21.07.2012 we were at agility races in Oldrichov with girls. More in Events.


Puppies - sad news :-(

We were on the ultrasound with Amy and the pregnancy wasn´t unfortunately confirmed. We were looking forward to puppies so much, so we plan to mate Amy again this autumn.


Show results

10.06.2012 - Amy was showed at Clubshow (without title Club winner) in Mladá Boleslav.
The judge was Claus-Peter Fricke from Germany. Amy was excelent 3.


We have mated !!!

After a long sellection we chose for our first litter a dog from the world-famous kennel Popwash from origin of Australian shepherd - USA. Rauros (Propwash Traffic Report) lives in Latvia in Sentiki kennel and I and Amy went on a long journey to the northeast.

More info about the future parents here ....


This year I fulfilled a big dream and looked first at the World Dog Show, which was almost around the corner - in Salzburg.

More in Events.


Last weekend (05.-06.05.2012) was marked with women‘s ride ... More in Events.


On Saturday, Amy attended her first dogtrekking .... More in Events.