s. AMY BUTTERFLY Carcassonne Tolugo


Date of birth: 22.5.2009
DNA verification of origin: 852/11 - (ISAG2006) - Genservice
Breeder: Lucie Gogolová - CZ, http://www.tolugo.com/
colour: black tricolor
docked tail
height: 50 cm
weight: 20 kg
Selection (KCHBO - 2013)
Character test of KCHBO: 99,5 points (100 max.) + aport of untraditional things


complete dentition, scissors bite
HD 0/0 - FCI "A", ED 0/0 - FCI "A"
spine examination (SA): negative
DOV examination: negative (3.3. 2011 + 1.3.2012 + 14.02.2013 + 17.5.2014 + 13.9.2015)
DNA prdc-PRA: Normal/Clear (Optigen)
DNA CEA/CH: Normal (Optigen)
PHA - negative
MDR1: Normal/Normal (Washington State University)
Hereditary Cataract: Clear (AHT)

More about Amy:

We certainly did not plan to buy a new dog in summer 2009 but a little bit later. We had two little girls at that time and therefore we were very busy with them. This time I began to peek over aussies and wanted to choose a kennel from which we will buy a female one day. I liked Carcassonne Tolugo kennel, they just had the first litter and I drove to Ostrava only to see aussies. Of course, one female ended up at our home. Due to children I chose the calmer and more affectionate, and these properties had remained till today. Amy is our nanny, she loves to také care about children, lambs or even kittens.

She is happiest when the whole family is together. On walks she watches us, which is a huge advantage. At home, she mostly sleeps (of course not if I cook), but if I take a lead or her favourite toy, she is always ready for action. She loves food, so it is easy to trained for her treats. In addition, she loves swimming, tennis balls, disks and dragging. She is excellent jumper, she jumps into the distance and height, just enjoying agility.

Video with Amy: