23.04.2016 Krušnohorský dogtrekking

As the last three years, we went with girls to he Krusne hory mountains dogtrekking (about 9 km). This year in amazing countryside od Labské piskovce. Amy was in season, so she stayed at home. Hetty was sparing partner for Julie, Kaja for Ela and other smallest children. We had fun as always and looking forward to the next year!

More photos here.

12.9. 2015 Funny race for dogs and theirs owners

We participated on a very funny race for dogs and theirs owners in ZKO Duchcov. I was a helper, girls raced. They all did very well, mainly in jumping „section“.

25.04. 2015 - Krušnohorský dogtrekking 2015

Dogtreking - kids cathegory: As the last year, we went with girls and dogs to dogtrekking. As the last year, we had really fun.
We also met Absinthe from the first litter and his owner Hanka, who went 40 km hike. We are very proud of them!

05.01. 2015 - Some pictures from New Year walk with our friends

16.11. 2014 - Walk with Annie (Aqua Dulce) and her Family

It is not easy to take pics of this crazy young girl … :-).

Mišmaš – Dog`s camp, July 6`th – 11th 2014

We were on our first dog`s camp, me, my younger daughter Eli, Amy and Kaja. Also our “puppy” Jack with his owner Radana and her daughter Veronika were with us. First I plan to go to agility, but we ended by obedience, protection and tracking. And we really enjoyed it. Amy did very well, mainly on tracking, Jack loves protection. Both girls and aussies also trained dogfrisbee, I would say the best dog sport for all of them.
Kaja also tried tracking with Eli, walked with us and due to her health problems had the real holidays. That is what she likes most.

All photos here.

24. + 25.5.2014 - Working weekend :-)

On Saturday passed Max (Amaretto) his first obedience exam - ZZO. We are really happy and proud of his owner Lenka and him of course. She has a mom of three kids and I know that sometimes it is not easy with this stubborn boy.

Amy and I got to a dogdancing exam - category Freestyle 1 and we did it on excellent score!

Video here.

Club show for Australian and Belgian shepherds 17. + 18.5. 2014 and Natioanl speciality in agility

After a long tome time we went to the show. On Saturday Amy beated three other bitches and won the open class, but unfortunately the judge did not like her so much, so she didn't`t get the title. He prefers dogs with more coat. On Sunday, the judge from Netherlands gave us very good and third place. Honestly, this class was the weakest. Both days got BOB Young winners (male on Saturday and female on Sunday). I have to admit that both are very beautiful and totally different type than most adult. In final competitions joined Eliska with Amy in Child and dog competition, so it was Eli`s first handling time. And she did very well!

Amy also passed every year eyes check on hereditary eyes disease with result CLEAR.

Complete results on website of KCHBO.
17.5. 2014 judge: Pascal Grapin (F) - excellent 1 (4 females in class)
18.5.2014 judge: Bianca Heideveld (N) - very good 3 (4 females in class)

On Sunday were also agility competition. Marketa started with Rafa and Amy. With Rafa in team competition they acquired the second place. She and Amy had a bit problem to understand each other on a court this time, so all runs ended by disqualification. Although both tried their best, this time it just did not work, but it does not matter. Amy also met her beautiful brother Story (A Neverending Story Carcassonne Tolugo), so we made a picture of them.

May 2014 - Dogtrekking

Some pictures from Dogtrekking for kids and dogs. We - 2 strollers, 8 children, 3 aussies, norfolk, schnauzer and two dachshunds - went 8,5 km beautiful countryside and we all really enjoyed it.

October 2013 Ratenice - Ice Age Agi

Another Agility competition, Marketa with Amy. They were eliminated in agility, LA2 and finished fifth in jumping with two refusals.

Agility - DISK
Zkouška LA2- DISK
Jumping - 5th place

October 2013 We tried coursing ...

I thought that Kaja would love it, but finally she didn`t figure out why would she should be interested in such think like bunch of plastic strips. Amy did pretty well in the first run, but in second she was looking for me and asking if she can run away from me. Annie was the best, as you can see on video.

14.9.2013 Clubshow KCHBO Zbraslav

Judge: Jaan de Gids (NL)
Applejack Caniterra – very promising 1, The Best Puppy (puppy class)
Amy Butterfly Carcassonne Tolugo – excelent 1, CAC, ČKŠ, candidate to club champion (open class)
Junior handling: Julinka + Amy – 3rd place, Verunka + Jack - 4th place

17.8.2013 First puppy meeting

Caniterra offsprings had first meeting on Saturday. Except of Max and Jack, all of our puppies with their Families have arrived. We walked about 5 km, dogs and kids had really fun together. Thanks to all of our dogs`s kids owners for a great care they give to dogs and thanks to Marketa Prochazkova for nice pictures.

All photos from meeting you find here.

10. + 11.8.2013 Dogfrisbee seminář

Last weekend we spent two days with great people on dogfrisbee workshop. Amy was amazing as always and I need to practise … a lot :-).

Vacation 2013

Amy spent two weeks on dog`s camp. She was trained in agility, dogfrisbee and strenghtening on balls.

And while Amy was away, rest of the Family went on a river…we had really fun!

08. + 09.06.2013 - Mladá Boleslav

Very succesfull weekend for us! Amy got second place in agility exam and 5th place (2nd place from aussies) in jumping on agility championship for Australian and Belgian shepherd.

Video from jumping Agility championship of KCHBO.

Monty got was very promising 3 in puppy class from US judge Nanette L. Newburry!

At the end of the show Amy got selection (the highest breeding status in CZ) from Martina Hodkova and judges Angela Challenger (UK), Nanette Newbury (USA). I am very proud of her!

18 + 19.05.2013 - Porta Bohemica cup

Amy appeared on the agility again, after one year. She and Marketa went on two days race in Píšťany . They still have a lot of work, but I love to see how fun is running for Amy. For this time – 7x disc.

Video from races.

04.05.2013 - CACIB Show Praha

Almond Joy - very promising 1
Acid Sugar - very promising 2

20.04.2013 - Dogtrekking Krušné hory mountain 2013

For a long time I was looking forward to our first dogtrekking, but the closer he came, the more I was afraid, as I handle the more than 40 km. The total route finally measured 47.5 km and we managed it in time 9 hours 15 min. I think it is not so bad :-).

09.04.2013 - Rescue training

Our good friend Marketa took Amy and Jack on Tuesday to the rescue training.

17.03.2013 - Training for dogtrekking

After birth pups Amy is slowly returning to fitness and training for dogtrekking. During this week we passed about 80 km.

26.- 28.10.2012 - Weekend course of positive motivation

We were on the weekend course of positive motivation with Pavla Klučkova. I have already read something about PM, heard a lot about it and the more I`ve been looking forward to do it. Pavla was great and all the time explained to those, who understand less, necessary foundations without which it really doesn`t work. Seeing her work with dogs was a great experience. On Friday, we had the necessary theory, on Saturday and Sunday we practiced. All dogs were very skilled, but we on the other side of the leads, have yet to catch up. At least I do.

21.10.2012 - Test of endurance (Kralupy n. Vltavou)

So Amy and I, we have passed other exam – test of endurance. At first, we had to ride a bicycle – 20 km distance and than followed a short obedience. I have to say that ride a bike with Amy wasn`t really funny,she always wanted to be on the first place. Fortunatelly, we have not lost in fog (like others) and we didn`t fall into the mud so finally we liked this test. Especially when we were sitting in the clubhouse with a bunch of great people.

14.10.2012 - Character test of KCHBO (Kralupy n. Vltavou)

Yesterday we passed character test - 99,5 points (max.100) + aport of untraditional things and Amy is without shooting reaction.

07.10.2012 - "Australian" walk :-)

Last Sunday we arranged (not only) "australian"walk in Zabrušany near Teplice. We had 7 aussies, labrador Ajka and our norfolk terrier Kaja. Dogs and kids had really fun, run around and bathed, we chatted and Markéta Procházková made some a nice picturess. What a great afternoon!

Aussies`s participation (from left):

Rafa (Spotted Horse Ranch Rafael), Eso (Ever or Never Carcassonne Tolugo), Ejmi (Amy Butterfly CT), Árčí (Archie from Princess`s Smile), Mišel (Míša od Diamantové řeky), Bej (Baylies in Black Perla Mahagon) and Ája (Aira Sweet from Princess`s Smile)

August 2012 - We have a visitor!

For a few days we have an aussie puppy. Rafa comes from kennel Spotted Horse Ranch from Germany and his parents are actively engaged in herding. With his owner Marketa Rafa will do herding, agility, frisbee, and dogdancing, and they might try to rescue as well. Aunt Amy gives him a hard time now, (but he loves it), they are really great couple together. I know that they will miss each other so much when Rafa leave us…. He already shows his herding instincts with sheep. He is very active, but still remains easy to use, gentle with children, always happy and eager to do something. Just the right aussie.

21.07.2012 - Unofficial races agility ForPes in Oldřichov

After a long time we went to agility. Forpes team from Teplice held unofficial races in Oldřichov near Teplice and I could not miss. Our performance with Amy I'd rather not comment, a long time without training showed. So, jumping disqualification :-). But we were really happy with our girls. They ran in "minor race" (12 obstacles in jumping, 8 for smaller kids) Juli ended on 2nd place and Eliska on the 4th place. We really didn`t wait this success, especially when the girls were among the youngest (race was for "children" up to 18 years and dominated 15 years). With a giant cup Juli went to bad that night:-).

18.05.2012 - World dogshow Salzburg 2012

This year I fulfilled a big dream and looked first at the World Dog Show, which was almost around the corner - in Salzburg. The vision was nearly 140 aussies. Assessed in two circles, so to see all the dogs have been impossible. I keep finger crossed for beautiful bitch Summer, which finally won Best of Breed.
The atmosphere was amazing, the organization of parking, over food, stalls with pet supplies etc. was perfect (even next to the circle there were chairs for the visitors who had arrived just with a backpack :-)), so I was really satisfied.

Completed results on web of KCHBO.

05.- 06.05.2012 - Weekend in Krkonoše mountains

Last weekend was marked with women‘s ride…. mothers with kids and dogs went for a trip. I had won a voucher on agility competition last year for 2 adults and unlimited number of dogs in a mountain cottage call „Blueberries“ in Giant Mountains. So we went on a trip: me, my little girl Juli and Eli, Amy, Qaja, Andrea a friend of mine, her daughter Michalka and two black schanuzer Bara and Kaja. The weather was just luxuries, we had amazing food (girls still remember bluberries dumplings now), rooms were nice and girls and dogs were satisfied. What more could we wish for? On Saturday we walked about 8 km, the second day 5 more km and also searched for geocaches. I hope we will repeat similar trip at least once.

21.04.2012 - Dogtrekking of our Amy

On Saturday, Amy attended her first dogtrekking with our friend from the training center Markéta Procházková. Trail 48 km (mid) managed both girls at the time of 13:47 hours and I admire them a lot. According to Markéta Amy was amazing, handles like a dragon always ready to go.